Due to COVID-19, in person classes are not currently available. Depending on demand, small group classes can be organized per student request via Zoom.


Ascension Art Healing is inspired by Ethiopian healing scrolls. Images have the power to re-balance the mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual bodies. Restoring alignment with gratitude, intention, and clarity.


Connecting to your intuition, the language of your soul, is the telepathic highway to communication with your Higher Self. Your soul and life purpose are then easy to access. The soul often communicates through images, feelings, and a sense of knowing.


Once you connect with your personal soul language, you can create images that are a direct line of communication with your multidimensional self.

Custom Soul Scrolls:

When you book a session for a Custom Soul Scroll, I will work with you, one on one, either by phone, Zoom, FaceTime, in person (socially distanced), as per your preference. If you have any personal health issues (emotional, mental, physical, spiritual) that you wish to share with me, this is the time to share. I will connect with you on a soul level, and an image will be given to me to share with you through a personalized miniature piece of art or amulet that you can carry with you or keep at home. Once I have completed the piece of art, I will mail it to you at the address that you provide.

Soul Conversations:

As explained above, Soul Conversations can take place through whatever medium makes you feel most comfortable. They can be written or oral. Just bring an issue that concerns you, and soul to soul, we will converse to help your “limited” human perspective open up the issue to a wider viewpoint, allowing you to feel more at peace and empowered. Whether the conversation regards an important decision or simply involves your feeling more at ease in your life and in your body, no issue is too small or too big! The key is that your own soul knows everything you feel you need to know already. The conversation is simply a tool to help reveal what seems unreachable.

Serenity Sessions:

Serenity Sessions are group classes (small groups of 3-6 people) in which you will learn how to begin to access your own intuitive art language. While not everyone is visually inclined, we all access our intuition in slightly different ways. Some people are clairaudient and clearly hear guidance, while others feel or know things. Some of us think in pictures. All human beings are both intuitive and telepathic by nature. It is simply a question of remembrance and of self-awareness. Knowing how you connect most easily with your soul will help you to develop that amazing connection that will shift your experience of life and assist you to live a peaceful existence, no matter what is happening around you. Each Serenity Session will begin with a guided meditation, and from this collective visualized space, each participant will connect with their Higher Self and receive guided imagery that we will together use to create a piece of art.

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