As the Crow Flies by Night, Acrylic and Ink on Canvas Board, August 2020

Visual arts, shadow work, and awakening:

Art is the language of the soul. While we can certainly draw and paint what we see in what we conventionally call the “physical world” or “outer reality”, I have always intuitively understood that reality is born from within each of us.

This “secret” is the key to a creative life here on Earth. Once each of us remembers our true nature as a creator being, then our lives here on this planet are forever transformed. No longer are we surviving or competing with others for success or status. Suddenly, an infinite wealth of knowledge, power, insight, and creativity are at our disposal, all to serve the greater good of everyone and everything around us.

I have long been fascinated by fairy tales, Jungian psychology, so-called “primitive art, the shamanistic traditions…all of which hold keys to the kingdoms of the innate language that we all share.

Intuition means knowing from within, just as tuition is a system of learning from those outside of self. Just by remembering our true nature, as infinite souls merely visiting this and other planets within these temporary vessels or vehicles we call bodies, we lift up above the daily struggle of being human. To view our own human condition with compassion, as well as to feel deep empathy for others and their own challenges, is both the privilege and the responsibility of the awakened human being.

Once we wake up, we can no longer pretend to be a victim of circumstance, nor can we take advantage of others. Awakening and remembering our true, unlimited nature is a form of empowerment that requires great responsibility and care.

Ascension Art Healing is a tool I have created to assist others on their journey of awakening through the use of visual arts and intuition. As we return to a form of enlightened innocence, we also light the path for others as they, in turn, choose to awaken.

With gratitude for all experiences and encounters on this beautiful Earth, I am privileged and most grateful to serve all of those who seek assistance from me on their path.

Much love and peace,

Rebekah Berger

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